Strategic Planning Unit (SPU)

Development is an agent of change. It is development that sets the tone for economic growth. Importance of a well-conceived development agenda cannot be over-emphasized. However, development initiatives must be prudently conceived and critically scrutinized to make every penny count. In developing countries like Pakistan, where development funds have to be squeezed out of enormous non-development expenditures, the need for proper conception and efficient implementation/ execution becomes even more vital. Therefore, it is rightly said that channelizing development funds into public sector development projects is a double-edged sword. Public sector development projects, if properly implemented, are laden with huge socio-economic dividends. On the other hand, unsuccessful public initiatives drain scarce public funds. Though each stage of Project Life Cycle is important, execution intrinsically complemented with vigilant supervision/ monitoring is a guarantee for successful implementation of a project. 

Advancement in new techniques and tools for project management, has equipped managers and governments to reap the best out of their initiatives. Advanced project management tools are used to keep projects on track and minutely observe their financial and physical progress.

The project titled "Strategic Planning Unit" (SPU) (Previously known as "Capacity Strengthening Project" (CSP)) for Project Development/Management of Planning Wing, Youth Affairs, Sports, Archaeology antdTourism Department (YASA&T) Govt. of Punjab is conceived in this backdrop. 

Overall aim of the project is efficient management of development portfolios of the aforementioned Department which normally consumes 15-20% of total development budget. The project will go a long way in increasing efficiency and efficacy of public sector development expenditures of the Government of Punjab. It is pertinent to mention that the project will also help in conceiving and developing projects inline with the objectives of Punjab Growth Strategy 2018 as well as gauging achievement of targets sets in the strategy. It will also facilitate monitoring sustainable development goals (SDGs) pertaining to Social Development sector.

The project aims at Capacity Building of planning cell / Wing of YASA&T through engagements professionals/ qualified human resource and personal grooming of its existing human resource by exposing them to new techniques and tools of Project management and Project Development.


Major objectives of the project:

  • Institutional capacity development by inducting professionals - experts in Project Development, Information Technology, Finance, Procurement and Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Efficient management of development portfolio
  • Productive and optimal utilization of development resources
  • Transformation from Low Preforming Department/ Organizations to High Performing Department/ Organization
  • Fine balance between expansion and operationalization of existing physical and social infrastructure
  • Provision of consultancy services and technical assistance to Department by engaging individual and firms for Project management and design.
  • Human Recourse Development through provision of training facilities for existing incumbents in related disciplines.