Youth Affairs, Sports, Archaeology and Tourism Department is an administrative department, headed by the Secretary, consisting of four components or field formations as described below:

Youth Affairs

The main aim of Youth Affairs Department is to facilitate, groom and guide the youth to live in peace and harmony, promoting attitudes, skills and knowledge and preparing them to shoulder responsibilities in the new millenium. With a view to accelerate activities in respect of youth affairs, the department is in the process of creating a separate organ by the name of Directorate General of Youth Affaris. For more details, Click here.



Sports Board Punjab is committed to promote Sports Culture in Punjab with aim to build an inclusive society where people not only involve in sports activities but also feel a sense of ownership and belonging in utilizing the sports facilities throughout Punjab.


"Building a Better Nation Through Healthy Activities".

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The province of Punjab is rich in archaeology where a complete cultural profile from the early Stone Age to the Islamic period has been established which is highlighted by archaeological sites, historical monuments, ethnic traditions and folklores.


Vision of the Directorate General of Archaeology is “To protect the heritage of Pakistan located in Punjab through archaeological explorations, recoveries, documentation, analysis, interpretation, conservation, preservation, restoration and exhibition of material & artifacts”. For more details, visit site or visit facebook page.



The Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab plays a crucial role in coordinating and supplementing the efforts of the Government in strengthening promotional and marketing efforts, catalyzing private investment and in providing trained manpower resources. TDCP has Tourist offices at various places in Punjab which are responsible for providing information service to tourists, tourism promotion and marketing in their respective areas.


"To develop and promote tourism by providing accommodation, food, entertainment, amusement, public amenities and other services including informatory literature to the tourists. We also intend to exploit the great potential of our cultural, scenic and religious tourism to create employment, generate revenues, reduce poverty, bring equitable distribution of benefits and building image of the country". For more details, visit site or visit facebook page.