Secretary's Message

Youth is the prosperity and strength of any nation. The future of a nation lies in the hands of its posterity. Today’s youth is full of spark, they have courage, they are dynamic, they are burden bearers and powerhouses of any nation and are more likely to bring desirable change in the society. For development of healthy nation, sustainable growth and overall progress of the country, youth always plays a vital role.  To bring out the best in the youth and to harness their potential and energy in the right direction, YASAT Department promises to achieve the goal to empower and strengthen the youth through its various projects. 
Tourism is one of the significant aspects of any country to improve its economy and to influence social, cultural, political values leading to peace and prosperity. Pakistan is blessed with tremendous potential for tourism owing to its rich history, cultural diversity and fascinating landscapes. We YASAT Department  are playing our role for beautifying, developing and preserving the tourist sites and heritage of Punjab.

Ehsan Bhutta
(Secretary YASAT)