Youth of Punjab has the immense potential, vigor, enthusiasm, energy, initiative, drive, passion for struggle, resilience, perseverance, creativity, innovation to contribute in the economic growth and development of the country. It is very important to promote healthy activities throughout the province so as to engage our youth and bring out the under-explored existing talent besides creating excellent sports/ recreational opportunities for the masses.

Moreover, the province of Punjab is rich in archaeology where a complete cultural profile from the early Stone Age to the Islamic period has been established which is highlighted by archaeological sites, historical monuments, ethnic traditions and folklores. Tourism is a dynamic activity as well as a vibrant industry worldwide, so it has great potential for employment opportunities in domestic as well as in international market.

Youth Affairs, Sports, Archaeology and Tourism Department is envisioned to empower the youth by engaging them in healthy activities through promotion of sports in the Punjab province. YASA&T department is also determined to explore, establish, exacavate, renovate the historical/cultural sites in the province inorder to develop a vibrant tourism industry in the country.